Creating the Future

U.S. economic strength and quality of life are the result of our country’s history of successful technological innovation and creation of engineering knowhow. However, research has shown that adults and children have a limited understanding of what engineers do and how engineering improves the world.

The National Academies recently started an initiative to address this situation under the rubric: “Changing the Conversation”. Key messages:  “Engineers make a world of difference”; “Engineers are creative problem solvers”; Engineers help shape the future”; “Engineering is essential to our health, happiness, and safety”. Tag lines are: “Turning ideas into reality” and “Because dreams need doing”.

Nothing can illustrate these thoughts and concepts better than a video created by the A.I.Ch.E.: Chemical Engineering. A New Era”. It’s exciting to watch.

You might look back at my November 5th post entitled “Chemical Engineering Challenges and Opportunities” which links to an important National Academies Report listing a number of areas ripe for new developments and breakthroughs. The video nicely forecasts a number of these in a more popular manner, even if some of them may strike some as science fiction right now.

No area for breakthroughs is more important than the search for new and renewable sources of energy.  Chem. E. are working all over the world in government and private R&D and engineering establishments to make progress in this field. This blog will follow new developments closely.

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