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Nuclear Energy Revival

The “ghost” of Three Mile Island has apparently been banished, because the U.S. is now starting to build more nuclear power capacity. There is an interesting counterpoint to this. Just at a time when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives the green light … Continue reading

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Competitiveness: The government’s role

The U.S. will not be able to experience a renaissance in its manufacturing economy without some help from the government. This is particularly true for what is now called Advanced Manufacturing, which is based on new technologies and advanced materials.  But it is  also true … Continue reading

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Visualizing the industry

I’ve talked to a number of university and high school science and chemistry teachers  to find out to what extent students with an interest in chemical engineering get exposed to actual industrial plants. It has always seemed to me that if … Continue reading

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The U.S. is reversing the longterm decline in domestic crude oil production. This is directly attributable to the steady increase in offshore oil production (though the BP oil spill caused a small temporary drop in that statistic) and the rising production of crude from horizontal … Continue reading

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Versatile Ethanol

Who would have thought twenty years ago that a humdrum chemical like ethanol would become the focus of major new commercial activity in ways not even imagined at that time. It all started when the U.S. government mandated that an … Continue reading

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Sustainability: Companies are engaged

U.S. Postal Service It’s interesting to watch the progress chemical and other firms are making in developing “greener” products and processes while Congress is going backwards in doing something about carbon emissions and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. While … Continue reading

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