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Cheap shale gas: Considerations

The International Energy Agency has created the term “Golden Age of Gas” to describe a scenario characterizing the potential of producing immense amounts of shale gas in the U.S. and in a number of other countries. Estimated shale gas resources in the U.S.  … Continue reading

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TED: I salute chemical engineers

In late March I was asked to speak at a TEDx conference hosted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. Although the theme of the conference was Sustainability,Professor Mike Ehrlich, who coordinated the event, said I should choose a … Continue reading

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Clarifying regional gasoline prices

By now almost everyone is aware that there are substantial price differences at the gasoline pump when you start travelling across the country. I decided to look into this. The reasons why regular gasoline may sell for $ 3.40 in Wyoming versus $ 4.40  in California … Continue reading

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Polymer Raw Materials: History Continues

In developing my TED talk on chemical engineers and on the innovations now being made in the use of biomass feedstocks, I started to think about the changes that have been taking place over a number of decades in raw materials for plastics and synthetic … Continue reading

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Bio-based bottle resins near

I think it’s remarkable how rapidly the chemical industry and, in particular, small startup firms, have responded to a consumer and bottled water manufacturers’ demand for the development of bottles made from renewable feedstocks. An article in the March 12-18 issue … Continue reading

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Manufacture Renaissance to Broaden

The impressive comeback of our domestic petrochemical industry due to advances in oil and gas drilling technologies is shortly to be joined by a “renaissance” of manufacturing in other industries. A recent reportby the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predicts that … Continue reading

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