TED: I salute chemical engineers

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In late March I was asked to speak at a TEDx conference hosted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. Although the theme of the conference was Sustainability,Professor Mike Ehrlich, who coordinated the event, said I should choose a topic relating to this blog. And so my TED speech was all about how chemical engineeers are leading the renaissance of our energy and petrochemical industries.

For those of you not familiar with TED, go to the websites TED.com and TEDx. com to learn about this organization. Many personalities much more prominent than I have given these  18 minute TED presentations on an incredible variety of interesting subjects. I referred to a TED speech in my blog post on algae several weeks ago.

In the event, which involved five other speakers, there also were interspersed videos of several famous speakers. My presentation followed a video of Bill Gates(!) speaking about how to solve our energy problems!  It was a tough act to follow.

You can see and hear my speech on Youtube or on the TEDx website. TEDx is a sort of subsidiary to TED which is approached by organizations worldwide interesting in hosting an event in accordance with the strict rules applying to these presentations.

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1 Response to TED: I salute chemical engineers

  1. Tom Blum says:

    Great TEDx talk that puts chemical engineers at the epicenter of U.S. post WWII industrial growth and predicts a resurgence built on competitive advantage of natural gas, biofuels and agricultural replacements for petroleum.

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