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Ethanol from Natural Gas: An obvious move

With corn prices hitting new highs every day because of the nationwide drought and natural gas prices lower than anyone thought they could go and slated to stay low, there is a good reason for the government to change current legislation regarding … Continue reading

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Spent nuclear waste: Solutions needed

The problem of what to do with spent nuclear fuel is a typical example of the government “kicking the can down the road”. The U.S. has built and operated over a hundred nuclear power plants, all of which store their … Continue reading

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Cheap Shale Gas: Multiplier effects

Recently, two domestic chemical companies deeply involved in the chlor-alkali chain agreed to merge their participation in this area to create a formidable competitor in the production of PVC, other chlorine derivatives and caustic soda. In a transaction valued at … Continue reading

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Fixing Progressive Decline in U.S. Competitiveness: Porter Speaks Out

I tune in to “Morning Joe” on MSNBC most mornings and so a couple of weeks ago one of the guests was Michael Porter, the well known guru on corporate strategy at the Harvard Business School. The subject was a survey conducted by HBS, … Continue reading

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