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Convential energy sources: the obvious future

In my October 2011 post “Future Energy Supply: breakthroughs needed” I included an Energy Information Administration (EIA)  energy supply forecast from now through 2035, which showed how difficult it would be for wind, solar, new hydro, geothermal etc to change the fact that the U.S. will, for … Continue reading

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Candidates’ Energy Policy: Differences Explained

The main take-away from the debate is that both candidates see the rapidly increasing domestic crude oil and natural gas production as the key to American energy independence. When Romney cited areas where in his view Obama was not doing enough to … Continue reading

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Cuomo extends fracking moratorium: Not a bad idea!

Natural gas production from the Marcellus shale in upstate New York through the use of  hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”)  was halted in 2008 when Governor Patterson, using New York’s Generic Impact Statement (GEIS) established a moratorium as a result of complaints regarding chemicals found … Continue reading

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Renewable Feedstocks Update: Industrial Biotech Advances

Industrial biotechnology, when defined as large scale production of fuels and chemicals from biomass (i.e. renewable feedstocks) has been around for a long time, though in a limited way compared to production from hydrocarbon feedstocks. Ethanol (from sugar cane, molasses, … Continue reading

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