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Corn-based gasohol on way out?

The Federal mandate to inject oxygenated fuels into gasoline to allow cleaner burning car engines spawned a huge gasohol (i.e. ethanol) industry based on turning the starch in corn into sugars, with conversion to alcohol. Originally, gasoline blenders received a subsidy to … Continue reading

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Shale gas: huge ammonia turnaround

In reporting on the “renaissance” of domestic manufacturing we have not stressed the resurgence of the domestic ammonia industry. Over recent years, fertilizer companies have imported very large amounts of liquid ammonia, as well as solid ammonia-based fertilizers, from countries … Continue reading

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Biochemicals: Desirable Innovation Model

Sunday’s New York Times  a couple of weeks ago had an interesting article on innovation and job creation, with emphasis on the fact that companies are sitting on a great deal of money, because they see so few opportunitie to … Continue reading

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