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Methane hydrates: How important a resource?

At very low temperatures, water molecules can trap methane molecules in a crystalline lattice structure. This phenomenon was noticed several decades ago when a natural gas pipeline froze up and subsequently thawed, liberating the trapped methane. Awareness of large quantities … Continue reading

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Disruptive technologies: Mushroom packaging

 This blog has periodically covered advances in bioplastics, such as compostable garbage bags, starch- and sugar-based polymers and other biomass-based materials. The current issue of New Yorker magazine carries a long article about a new technology that uses mushroom spores and … Continue reading

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Phoenix-like from the ashes

 An idea for this post came to me as I reread, probably for the fifth time, John LeCarre’s iconic novel “The Spy who came in from the Cold”. Set in East and West Germany during the Cold War, the novel captured conditions on the … Continue reading

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