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Reflecting back and an interesting idea

I know this post has little to do with energy and chemicals. Except that I will never forget that my chemical engineering education at MIT was largely paid for by the GI Bill after I was discharged from the army in … Continue reading

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Dramatic Turnaround in U.S. Energy Supply

 Where are all the “peak oil” believers? The warning that our domestic oil production had peaked and that there was no way to reverse that. There was much pessimism as we were importing more and more of our oil needs. Well, horizontal drilling and … Continue reading

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Global warming thoughts(revised)

My previous post did not have the links I wanted to add. Please look at the revised version(with links) by typing into your browser. Peter Spitz  

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Global warming thoughts: Lomborg on track

Bjorn Lomborg, the “Skeptical Environmentalist” has his admirers and detractors. Many readers of this blog became familiar with his view that it is useless to expect the world’s governments and industries to rapidly reduce and stop the emission of carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Carbon fiber slowly gaining in cars

With the administration’s goal to increase automobile fleet mileage standards appreciatively over the next decade, it will be necessary to substantially reduce the weight of cars, which are still largely made of steel. Weight reduction will be essential, since engine efficiency will only … Continue reading

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