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Desalination becoming important contributor in drought-stricken California

Desalination is a technology that has been around for a long time (a classmate of mine at MIT became one of the founders of Ionics Corporation shortly after he graduated) but it has had little impact on life in the United … Continue reading

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New hope for Nuclear Waste disposal?

In the U.S. there are now 70,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel at 75 locations in 33 states awaiting disposal and this volume of highly radioactive waste will swell at the rate of 2100 tons per year as existing reactors … Continue reading

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Likely crude oil price “bottom”: It’s a puzzle

This update to my recent post provides more background on the costs of producing crude oil from different fields in different ways and, together with the visual below, is useful in trying to assess where the “equilibrium” crude oil price might be … Continue reading

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Crude Oil Price: Small Imbalances create major volatility

My October 19th post on crude oil pricing outlined the basics behind crude oil supply-demand pricing and pointed to a likely “floor” price around $60 per barrel, largely based on the fact that around this price the more expensive crude oil … Continue reading

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