All good things……

As you know, I have not posted anything for quite a while. The main reason is that I really stopped finding interesting  new developments I could get excited about in either the chemical or the energy arena. Fracking has not changed much, except for continuous improvement. New chemical process technology important enough to be considered “breakthroughs” has not caught my eye. (Pharmaceuticals are an exception, but I am not an expert in that area). And while I had planned to monitor the Trump administration’s agenda related to global warming and pollution in general, all I can say is that Mr. Pruitt is doing a great job in demolishing or trying to demolish the accomplishments of the last forty years with respect to air and water quality and Greenhouse gas emissions as well as chemicals toxicity. Putting the fox into the hen house to guard the chickens is a clever strategy. The latest trick is for the administration trying to keep coal-based power plants in operation for “security” reasons, perhaps with some kind of subsidy. And I thought that Republicans want the market rather than the government to make decisions of this kind.

So, it’s all too depressing. I would be very interested to hear from readers of my blog about areas I should be writing about. The picture was taken at our little chalet in Vermont where I was trying to get motivated about my blog.



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3 Responses to All good things……


    Hello Peter- I have enjoyed your posts and I will miss them, but I agree not much really big “new stuff” going on now…..maybe just a hiatus?

    It seems the more interesting stuff is (for me) on the business side- eg what will DowDupont finally look like when it is all sliced and diced, etc, but I am not even keeping up with that side of things anymore- although I am still working on my golf game!

    All the best, Walt Schlauch


  2. Peter Spitz says:

    Hi Walt. Good to hear from you. Perhaps I will get motivated again, but not for now. You might get a kick out of a speech I gave at the annual MIT Chem E. Practice school last month since there is a quip about golf and chemistry. I seem to have misplaced your current email address. Please send.

  3. Paul Bjacek says:

    I know this is an old post, but how about the topic of the circular economy, especially, in your engineering expertise, the economics of cracking plastics back to feedstocks vs. incineration, etc.

    PS Congrats on finishing a new book.

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