Guess What? I have been writing a book.

Over the past year, I have been busy writing about the petrochemical industry again. It is a book almost finished called:

Primed For Success: Scientific Design Company

sbhd.  How Chemical Engineers created the Petrochemical Industry


The book will be published early next year.


Thought you would be interested.


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10 Responses to Guess What? I have been writing a book.

  1. Wayne Tamarelli says:

    Peter, I am sure it will be another page-turner.

  2. Peter Spitz says:

    Thanks, Wayne. The book will be published by Springer early next year. One thing that was of great help were a number of Oral Histories at CHF (Sorgenti, Mendolia, Cain, Idol, Fair, etc.)


    Hello Peter- glad to see you are well and keeping busy as always!

    Walt Schlauch


  4. Tom Lewis says:

    Definitely will buy a copy. Tom Lewis

  5. jvporcelli says:

    Congratulations, Peter.

    Joe Porcelli

  6. says:

    Well done (or nearly done) Peter. Lovely to hear from you about the Book of Petroleum and your recording and participation of that important Era. Let us know publication date. Alan doesn’t read much but he will really enjoy reliving those times.

    Chem Systems is still very much OUR team! We are both well, but Alan walking not good, or outings, but I had a nice long chat with Sue Longley the other day after Rogers funeral. Sherry went and said it was really good. Hope. Phone John & Cathy soon.
    Lot’s of love XXx’s you and Hilda xx Happiest memories LOVE. Tommy x Al

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    • Peter Spitz says:

      Great way to communicate! Thanks for your nice thoughts. Somehow this book seems harder to get in shape, partly because I am including photos and diagrams and need releases from authors and companies. I believe Springer will publish the book.
      All well here at this point!

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