Manuscript sent to publisher


Last week the manuscript for my book Primed for Success: The Story of Scientific Design Company subtitled How Chemical Engineers created the Petrochemical Industry, was sent to Springer, a well-known publisher of technical books headquartered in Switzerland. The e-book version of the book should be out in April and the hardcover version in May or June.

While the market for the book is uncertain, it is likely to receive good reviews, given nice back cover endorsements by such luminaries as Andrew Liveris and Tom Connelly, CEO of the American Chemical Society. Tom wrote, “More than a company history, Primed for Success is the story of the chemical industry in the United States. It is comprehensive in scope and detailed in its treatment – an essential read for anyone who studies the chemical industry or has been part of it.”

I wrote this book largely in recognition of the role that Ralph Landau and the engineers of Scientific Design Company played in creating an unusual company at a time of great disruption of the chemical industry when its feedstocks changed from coal, alcohol and wood to hydrocarbons. That deserved to be remembered.


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  1. A. Wayne Tamarelli says:

    Let me know when it is available.  


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