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Global Warming: Some thoughts

It’s very difficult to get your arms around this subject, with arguments and controversies swirling, regardless of scientific evidence. So, let’s try to see where we stand. For this post (and my own viewpoint), let’s stipulate, as the lawyers say, that the earth is … Continue reading

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Illustrated chemistry: The Periodic Table

Readers of this blog share my interest in things chemical. The Periodic Table of the elements – which, by the way, keeps growing with new discoveries in physics – was the backbone of our education in chemistry courses. In some posts, we have discussed elements such … Continue reading

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Personal Risk from Chemicals: Use evidence and logic!

The question of what constitutes a “safe” level of exposure to a chemical is one that has been around for many decades, and certainly became more focussed since the 1970s, when the Environmental Protection Agency and the Toxic Substances Control Act … Continue reading

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Compostable plastic bags: Economics work for municipalities

A lot of progress has occured in the production of plastics from renewable materials, the goal generally being to reduce the consumption of hydrocarbons and to make a “greener” product. A secondary goal is to produce plastics that can decompose … Continue reading

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